About us
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Our mission

We connect all the facets of the medical market through a technologically advanced Healthcare platform which allows people to use their mobile devices to talk to competent medical personnel anytime at an affordable price.

Who We Are

Cal-A-Doc is the best way to seek medical help. We offer the fastest and most Affordable way to have a consultation with doctors making it the first point of call for all advisory and proactive medical Needs.

To make it seamless and smooth, we beat onerous challenges every day to ensure easy access to doctors for a billion people, creating an experience that is truly awesome for both healthcare experts and users.

A doctor with a patient
We Can Do Really Great for Healthcare Delivery
Benefit 1

The ability of patients to get access to medical recommendation and advice on their Phones via the Cal-A-Doc App.

Benefit 2

We have strategic partnerships with top local health care providers (e.g. pharmacies, diagnostics centres etc) so as to provide prescription drop off for clients that live within a partnered geographic locale.

Meet the team

Our unique and unprecedented approach to make healthcare accessible has found us tremendous support from investors and partners.

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Adewale Sodimu

We value openness, transparency, and knowledge to create a user-friendly healthcare platform.

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Jason Idialu
Medical Director

An easy-to-use practice management software that enables information management for one or more clinics.

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Funmi Lawson
Marketing Director

The strategy of providing discounts creates an experimental audience coverage, optimizing budgets