A call today keeps sickness away

You can call, video-chat a doctor, get diagnosed, received prescriptions or even get referred to all quality medical services you need to live a healthy life.

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Why Us?

We are here to connect to top Health professional and services

Certified Medical Professionals

Imagine a world without waiting rooms. Our approach is to get you optimal health care from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. Our board-certified doctors and licensed medical professional are available on your anytime.

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24/7 access to quality healthcare

Our professionals are available anywhere in Nigeria. You can get answers and diagnoses in minutes. Quality health care services is finally within your reach via phone call, video /text chat. We are here when you need us.

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Health care insurance

We do health insurance differently — with more coverage, less hassle, and perks that give you the most value for your health premium. We put you at the centre of our mission - which is to get quality health care without breaking the bank.

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How Cal-A-Doc works

Getting the care you need is easy. It’s like a regular office visit, only better, faster and more convenient!

Fill up your
medical history

Kindly complete your medical history online or via your mobile app before making a consultation with a doctor.

Make the
phone or video call

Login into your Cal-A-Doc mobile app anytime 24/7 and make a phone call or video chat for consultation.

Doctor’s Review

Our certified medical professionals review your medical history, give you a diagnosis to your issue and give prescriptions or advice.

Get medical services

We have a wide offering of medical services available in the Cal-a-Doc marketplace. We connect you to our rich medical network of certified health care providers.

Feeling sick or distressed? Call a doctor on our mobile app today!
Get the app
Consult a doctor

Consult Doctors via audio/video chat without the hassle of visiting a hospital

Book Appointments

Book an in-person appointment with a Doctor to visit at clinic. Simple and Easy

Get Medical Services

You can easily buy drugs, get home service for your various medical tests

Clinic bus
All-In-One Mobile Clinic

Cal-A-Doc Mobile Clinic was conceived and designed by medical professionals with extensive field experience working with disaster relief and health services. As a true turn-key solution, our clinics are ready within minutes to be used.

icon Cutting Edge Medical Equipments
icon Highly customizable
icon Fully Automated Payment System
icon 24/7 Reponse Support
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Cal-A-Doc is passionate about helping Doctors deliver better patient care. Our
products are designed to make managing clinics a breeze.

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